“SNCB sucks”: whoever wrote this, risks prosecution

“SNCB sucks”: whoever wrote this, risks prosecution

Travellers on a train between Oostende and Eupen on Sunday morning discovered the following message on variable billboards: “SNCB sucks.” Filmed by a passenger, the message has spread like wildfire on social networks. SNCB has launched an investigation. “Whoever wrote this message risks prosecution,” points out the railway spokesperson. “We have launched an investigation. The first element we need is a report from train staff so we can know what happened.”

Variable message signs inside train stations are controlled from a locked box. “This is where train staff enter data and can potentially add extra information, such as, for example, warnings of an unexpected stop,” explains the spokesperson. “Most probably, someone managed to enter the system and post this rude message.” So far, the person responsible has not been identified. “Everything hinges on the train staff report. This must be sent from their immediate superior to the railway police as fast as possible,” says the spokesperson.

“We do not tolerate fiddling with our customer information system,” he added, pointing out that tampering with this system is considered a misdemeanour by railway police. “Whoever wrote this message may be prosecuted, and if they are identified, SNCB may well file an official complaint.”

(Source: Belga)  

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