A database will hold all information on Belgian jihadists

A database will hold all information on Belgian jihadists

To counteract mistakes, and to speed up the transfer of information on Belgian jihadists to local police, a database holding all relevant information will be created. “The information can then be passed on more efficiently”, said the Home Affairs minister Jan Jambon on Saturday in De Standaard.

State security and the military information service (General Service for Information and Security, Service général du Renseignement et de la Sécurité, SGRS) gets its information on jihadists from their own sources and international partners. During a judicial inquiry, police and justice department investigators can also access this information. The Home Affairs minister’s aim is to make sharing information more automatic at local level.

“We must make the transfer of this information more fluid”, he said. “That’s why we needed a more dynamic database, which contains only information on Belgian jihadists. All people under special surveillance will have their own file where comments by civil and military information services will be noted. All levels of anti-jihad bodies will therefore have all the necessary information. We will need to be careful and not interfere with judicial inquiries”.

The list will be managed by the Ocam, the Organisation for the Coordination of Threat Analysis.

(Source: Belga)

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