The Belgian judicial arsenal against cybercrime complimented

The Belgian judicial arsenal against cybercrime complimented

Belgium has taken several good initiatives for cybersecurity, according to the Business Software Alliance (BSA), an association that is made up of companies that make software.

They published a report on Tuesday. This is not the case for every European country, according to the inquiry, which looked at the legislation in the 28 member States. “Even if most member States agree that cybersecurity is a priority, inconsistencies in their approach create vulnerabilities that expose the common market to threats”, says Thomas Boué, Director of Regulation at BSA.

“Our study doesn’t aim to point the finger at certain countries, but to show what initiatives are taken in different member States to reach a uniform level of cybersecurity in the European Union”, he explains.

Belgium is shown in a positive light thanks to the cybersecurity strategy it adopted in 2012. “A strategy like that is essential”, says Thomas Boué. However, the document has not been revised since it was ratified. He criticises this, as the sector evolves almost daily. The Belgian legislation lacks clarity and information on the application remains limited, the BSA report also reveals.

The opening of the Belgian Cybersecurity centre is another positive initiative, which could inspire other countries.

Elsewhere in Europe, Mr Boué cites Latvia as an example. A timeline shows all the adaptations to the legislation, as well as when they came into force.

(Source: Belga)

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