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Female Belgian back from Syria charged but free

The 30-year-old Laura P., who came back to Belgium on Sunday after 8 months in Syria, was charged for involvement with a terrorist group. She was not remanded in custody however, but was granted a conditional release, according to the Federal Prosecutor’s office.

An investigation was initiated to determine if Laura P. left Belgium with her son voluntarily and illegally to go to Syria.

Laura P. maintains she was tricked by her Tunisian partner. He allegedly offered to take her on a Mediterranean cruise with her son, but took advantage of a stop in Izmir to force them into Syria. In June 2014, the 30-year-old was able to contact her parents who then contacted the authorities.

“Last Thursday, the authorities heard that mother and child had managed to leave Syria and had been stopped by Turkish authorities at the border,” explained the public prosecutor. “They then decided to send them back to Belgium.”

Once in Charleroi, the mother was called in for questioning by Charleroi police to explain her disappearance and her 8-month stay in Syria.

(Source: Belga)