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The Belgian army unveils its cybersecurity project

It’s a year and a half since the attack on Belgacom, and a year since the attack on the Foreign office network. The Defense department has unveiled an ambitious cybersecurity project that groups together protection, detection, and response, Le Soir revealed on Saturday. Without going into too much technical detail, the project involves a double layer of security (separate cyberprotection for each system, backed up by a general protection that interacts with each individual protection). The project particularly focuses on two elements: the detection of attacks, the appropriate response to these intrusions.

“We are almost constantly in a cyber-war”, says the head of cybersecurity, Lieutenant-colonel Miguel Van Bruycker.

The development of a more precise strategy figured in the government agreement.

The main task for military cybersecurity remains the protection of the Defense department’s communication and information systems, as well as weapons systems. But, for high-grade cyber-attacks, the army becomes the responsible national authority. It also plans to upgrade its protection and recruit 25 experts.

(Source: Belga)