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Liege: hit with iron bar at stag party

2 Liege youths in their twenties were brought before the public prosecutor for hitting another man at a stag party in Angleur (Liege), according to an official source on Sunday. A group of approximately 15 people were celebrating a bachelor party at 2:00pm on Saturday when a scuffle erupted on Rue Francois Paul in Angleur (Liege).

A car brushed against the group and one of them protested.  The vehicle then stopped and 2 people got out, each armed with a metal rod. The passenger tried to hit one of the revellers whereas the driver successfully targeted the victim’s forearm.  The 2 attackers, allegedly shouting they did not like homosexuals, then fled the scene in their car but the incident was filmed on by one of the witnesses on their mobile phone.

The 2 men were caught shortly afterwards at a petrol station in Rue d’Ougree, according to the Liege prosecutor’s office.

Under arrest, the 2 alleged attackers were brought in front of the prosecutor in Liege on Saturday morning. They were released after being served a summons ordering them to appear in front of the criminal court in an abbreviated procedure, accused of intentional assault and battery with premeditation and the aggravating circumstances of homophobia.

Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)