Sex scandal at Saint-Michel college– mediation procedure suggested

The public prosecutor in Brussels suggested a mediation procedure in the criminal case of the college Saint-Michel sex scandal which took place in January 2014 and involved 6 under-age students, pointed out his spokesperson on Monday, thus confirming the news published by la Dernière Heure. If successful, the mediation would avoid a trial and bring the prosecution to an end.  According to the prosecutor’s spokesperson, all parties were questioned and the criminal investigation is over. A review of the case showed that a mediation procedure might be more helpful than a trial, both for the victim and for the 6 alleged perpetrators. The incident happened in January 2014. Students from the Saint-Michel college were on a spiritual retreat when 5 youths had sexual intercourse with a consenting 16-year-old girl.

(Source: Belga)  

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