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“Prettiest villages in Wallonia” has launched an app

The “Prettiest villages in Wallonia” can be visited via a free app, which can be used on a smartphone or tablet. The launch was officialised today, during the association’s General Assembly in Sohier (Wellin commune, Luxemburg province). It is one of the 24 villages on the list. The “Beaux Villages” app, available on Google Play and App Store, lets you discover the villages via an audio-guide and history. The association “Prettiest Villages in Wallonia” was founded in 1994, and the first list of 11 villages was published in 1995. The selection of new villages is done by application to the association, which takes into account architectural and cultural aspects.

“Getting on the list is not an end, but a beginning”, the association’s president Alain Collin said on Saturday. The village’s dynamic and hospitality to tourists are observed over time by the association. It also looks at town planning changes in its environment and the impact on the village character. This is the reason the village of Deigné lost its membership in 2014.

In the future, “Pretties Villages in Wallonia” could welcome new members. It is currently looking for new areas to add to the list. Already being attractive for the public could become one of the criteria, for example. Internet site:

(Source: Belga)