Mechelen on electric vehicle rally route across Europe

Mechelen on electric vehicle rally route across Europe

The eTourEurope, a rally for electric cars which runs from May 8th to 17th, is to make a stop in Mechelen on Tuesday afternoon. The tour will visit 9 capital cities and anyone with an electric vehicle is invited to bring it to one of the meeting points. By rallying members of the public eTourEurope wants to get hundreds of electric vehicles on the road. The 10-day competition will visit, among others, Munich, Luxembourg, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna. seront visitées. In Belgium, after a visit to the Atonium, competitors from Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain and Austria will stop over in Mechelen for lunch and a battery top up.

The eTourEurope aims to demonstrate that electric cars can stand proud alongside vehicles running on fuel. Manufacturers have made progress in recent years, as much on the autonomy front as on the design one, say the organisers.

In Belgium, although sales were almost anecdotal some years ago, (500 electric vehicles sold in 2011), that figure shot to 4,500 in 2014. This growth is not sustainable if local authorities do not expand and consolidate the infrastructure needed for this type of vehicle, such as charging stations, say the organisers.

(Source: Belga)

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