Jambon fears a confrontation between biker gangs

Jambon fears a confrontation between biker gangs

“With the current situation in the Netherlands, we do not exclude the possibility of a serious confrontation between biker gangs in the near future”. “If there is a confrontation between the different rival biker gangs in the Netherlands, there will be repercussions in Belgium”, says the Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon (New Flemish Alliance). He was answering a written question from MP Eric Thiébault (PS), which La Libre Belgique reported on in its Wednesday edition. “During 2014, there were revenge attacks in the heart of Europe: in Amsterdam, Sittard, Möchenglad-bach, Cologne, Siegen, Frankfurt, and Hasselt here in Belgium”, said MP Philippe Goffin (Reformist Movement).

Jan Jambon doesn’t want to over-dramatize the situation. “At this time, even though Belgium is also seeing an increase in criminal biker gangs, we are not seeing an increase in confrontations”, he said.

(Source: Belga)

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