Jan Jambon visits Brussels Jewish Museum with his cabinet

Jan Jambon visits Brussels Jewish Museum with his cabinet

The Home Affairs and Security Minister, Jan Jambon, visited Belgium’s Jewish Museum with his cabinet. This visit to the Museum, located in the rues des Minimes in Brussels, took place two days before the first anniversary of the attack on the Museum, which killed 5 people. “This Museum is a permanent reminder of the dangers we still face”, the Minister said. “With this visit, we became aware of the importance of our work, and were reminded why we think about security everyday”. “During the last budget check, the government made sure it provided funds for security, so we could invest in personnel as well as equipment”, the Minister added.  “A year after the attack, we cannot say another attack has become unlikely, but we can say that security has been improved. I hope that one day we can lower the threat level, for the Jewish Museum and other Jewish institutions. However, that is not yet the case”.

The Minister and members of his cabinet were given a guided visit of the Museum, and were given a talk on Jewish civilisation, its culture and traditions. They also saw the temporary exhibition on the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. The management of the Jewish Museum enjoyed the visit. “This is a symbolic visit for us”, said the General Secretary Norbert Cigé. “We are grateful for this demonstration of support from the government. There is still sadness among the staff to this day. But we continue our task of informing the public about Judaism and Jewish culture, and fighting clichés this way. But we also fight against all types of terror and obscurantism”. 

(Source: Belga)

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