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Gosselies: A man runs over his wife and two children

A drunk individual was escorted out of a fancy-fair taking place in a Gosselies school (Charleroi) on Saturday evening. When his wife and children left the fair with friends, he drove his car towards the group, injuring his family. The suspect was taken into custody, and will appear before the Charleroi Prosecutor’s office on Sunday. The 40 year old, who had consumed a large quantity of alcohol, was causing trouble at his children’s fancy-fair, which took place at a school in a Charleroi Faubourg at Gosselies on Saturday.

After he was escorted out by the organisers, he was unhappy that his wife remained behind with the two children. When they left the fair at 7.15 pm, the man started his car, did a U-turn and deliberately drove towards the group his wife and two children were with. They were injured in the incident.

After being retained at the scene by witnesses, the driver was taken into custody by local Charleroi police. He will appear before the Charleroi Prosecutor’s office.

(Source: Belga)