Wallonia: 85 people die every year during accidents due to alcohol

Wallonia: 85 people die every year during accidents due to alcohol

As usual, the summer will mean the start of a new Bob campaign. These campaigns encourage Belgians not to drive if they have been drinking. The Walloon Road Safety Agency (AWSR) and the Walloon Road Safety Minister Maxime Prévot presented the summer 2015 campaign on Saturday. The slogan is ‘Together for alcohol-free driving”. Posters with this message will be placed along motorways and secondary regional roads in Wallonia from Monday. They will continue to appear during the whole of June. Although road safety information campaigns are now handled by regions, the 2015 campaign is national. This is due to an agreement between the different ministers. The campaign will be in collaboration with the IBSR (Belgian Institute for Road Safety) and Belgian breweries, and will be supported by Assuralia.

The campaign will also involve a radio spot and a mini-film, which “will be present on social media”. As normal, local police forces and federal road police units will also be breathalysing drivers. Last summer, 4.6% of drivers tested in Wallonia tested positive, with an alcohol level above 0.5/thousand mm.

“Wallonia is more tolerant of drink-driving”, said the AWSR and the Road Safety Minster on Saturday. In Wallonia, around 85 people a year lose their lives in accidents caused by alcohol. That’s around 27% of deaths on the roads.    

(Source: Belga)     

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