SNI wants “win-win” loan to be introduced in Brussels and Wallonia

SNI wants “win-win” loan to be introduced in Brussels and Wallonia

The SNI (which represents the interests of professionals and the self-employed) has indicated in a communiqué that it would like the “win-win” loan be introduced in Wallonia and Brussels. The proposal, which has been law in Flanders since 2006, allows private individuals to lend up to 50,000 euros to businesses.  Two draft decrees by the Belgian Green Party and MR (liberal Conservatives) aim to adapt it in Wallonia.  The SMI stresses on the basis of a study by the auditors PwC that “30% of Walloon and Brussels SMEs are at risk due to their lack of solvency.”  These businesses have more difficulty getting bank credit.

The Flemish so-called “win-win lening” concept started in September 2006 and allows private individuals to make a maximum loan of 50,000 euros to a business, at the same time enjoying tax relief.  The mechanism comes with a guaranteed return of up to 30% of the amount lent, in the event that the business does not repay the loan.

The SNI observes that in Flanders, this measure has achieved great success, particularly amongst the family circles of business owners.  In 2010, only 319 loans were made, compared to the 1945 made in 2014.  Fifty million euros were thus made in profits between 2010 and 2014.  In Wallonia, both opposition parties, the Greens and MR, have proposed two distinct draft decrees, known respectively as “prêt proxi” and “prêt WalWin", to adapt the Flemish mechanism to the Wallonia region.

The SNI points out that it plans “talks with the respective Ministers of the Economy for Wallonia and Brussels, Jean-Claude Marcourt and Didier Gosuin.”

(Source: Belga)

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