Photos of autopsies on jihadists – Certain security measure have been stepped up

Photos of autopsies on jihadists – Certain security measure have been stepped up

Certain security measures have been stepped up across the whole of Belgium, and some only in specific areas. This comes after photos of the autopsies on jihadist’s bodies appeared in the press on Wednesday, the SPF Home Affairs Crisis centre told Belga on Thursday. La Dernière Heure said there are photos proving there was a party in the autopsy room at the Liège Medical examiners Institute. This was after the autopsies on the terrorists killed in Verviers in mid-January. The photos were found by the General Inspection department of the SPF’s police force.

This was denied by the Liège Attorney General, Christian Valkeneer, and the Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon. It was also denied by the General Police Commissioner, Catherine De Bolle, who said “there was absolutely nothing like what has been described very suggestively by the media”.

Following these events, on Wednesday the Home Affairs SPF Crisis centre asked the Organisation for the coordination of threat analysis (OCAM) to evaluate the situation and its impact on security. This analysis was sent back the same day, and “the necessary measures were taken”, said Peter Mertens, the spokesman for the Home Affairs Crisis centre. The details of these measures have not been given out, so as not to compromise their efficiency. Some of them are described “visible”.

“We are conscious of the situation and are keeping an eye on it, with the help of the police. Some security measures have been reinforced across the whole country, while some are for specific areas”, he said.

The threat level remains the same across Belgium, at 2 out of 4. But some sites are at 3, said Anne-Laure Mouligneaux, spokesman for the Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon.   

(Source: Belga)

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