Belgian Nathalie Vanhaver gets third place in the world’s best cheese competition

Belgian Nathalie Vanhaver got third place in the world’s best cheese competition. First and second place went to two French people.

The organisers announced Frenchman Fabien Degoulet (31) had won first prize on Sunday. It was the second year of the competition, which is held in Tours in the centre of France.

Passionate about Japan, he got a diploma from the Inalco (National Institute of Languages and Oriental Civilisations) before moving to Japan.

The winner, whose parents are also in the creamery business, was picked out of around a dozen candidates from Japan, the US, and Belgium. For the first time, there were also candidates from China and Israel.

Second place went to another Frenchman, Guillaume Cardinet, and the third place went to the Belgian candidate Nathalie Vanhaver.

On Sunday, 12 cheese-makers battled it out. There were theory tests, before they moved onto practical and artistic tests. 

(Source: Belga)

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