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The giants bring 900,000 curious people to Antwerp

The giants parading through the centre of Antwerp attracted a large crowd over the three days they were there. Police say around 900,000 people turned up to see Oma Reus (Grandmother Giant) and Kleine Reus (Little Giant). People waited along their route. The giants started their walk in the centre of Antwerp on Friday, and everywhere they went, the crowds were waiting to film their adventures with their smartphones. Their visit into town ended at MAS, where Oma and Kleine Reus were laid in bed using a crane before being put on a boat to go home.

The urban Zomer van Antwerp festival, which will offer numerous cultural activities over the summer, could not have asked for a better opening weekend. In total, around 900,000 people came to see the giants over the three days. That’s 100,000 more than their last visit in 2010.

There were no serious incidents. Police gave travel advice over Twitter, as the large crowds caused traffic problems.  

(Source: Belga)