Pairi Daiza opens “Tiger Temple”

Pairi Daiza opens “Tiger Temple”

The Pairi Daiza Park is inaugurating the “Tiger Temple” early this summer, “the largest temple ever built in these gardens,” revealed the Cambron-Casteau park (Hainaut) in a press release on Friday. Spread out over 2,800m2, the building complex takes its inspiration from the Cambodian temples in Angkor. Visitors will be able to see 2 clouded leopards, 2 white Bengal tigers, and 2 leopards.

The walls are made of lava stones from the Merapi volcano (java, Indonesia). “1,000 craftsmen produced blocks of stone and sculpted them following Angkor patterns,” explains Pairi Daiza in the press release.

The park in Hainaut will also open 2 extramural spaces later this summer: the “Elephant Reserve”, and the “American Prairie” where bison and mustangs can be observed.

Pairi Daiza also listed the many baby animals born over the past year, which include a baby elephant, a baby giraffe, a lion cub and a staggering 52 baby sea horses.

(Source: Belga)  

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