A man from Herstal kills his ex-girlfriend and her grandmother

A 35 year old man from Herstal killed his 31 year old ex-girlfriend and her 71 year old grandmother at around 11pm on Tuesday, judicial sources have revealed This confirms information that appeared in the Sudpresse papers. The suspect then turned the gun on himself. He has been in a coma since, and remains in a critical condition. Early investigations have found the suspect was in a state of psychological distress. On Tuesday evening, he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house while her grandmother was there. He shot the two women several times before fleeing. The older victim died at the scene. The younger victim died soon after being admitted to hospital.

The shooter left the scene quickly, and called his family to tell them what he had just done. He also told them he was going to kill himself. He then went to the car-park of Pontisse church, where his father’s funeral had taken place on the 20th of June, and shot himself in the head. He survived, but is in a coma and his life is still in danger.

The double murder case has been attributed to an investigative judge. The Prosecutor’s office went to the crime scene.

(Source: Belga)

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