Nine people died on the roads over the weekend

Nine people died on the roads over the weekend

Figures show nine people died on Belgian roads over the weekend after being involved in serious accidents, the Belga agency have revealed. Early on Saturday morning, two young people were killed in an accident on the E34 near Zoersel (Antwerp direction). A car with five young people on board veered off the road. It is not known why. The car landed in a prairie several metres away. The vehicle was the only one involved in the accident.

On Saturday afternoon, two drivers died in a frontal collision on the N80 at Franc-Warêt (Fernelmont, Namur Province). An expert said the collision was due to dangerous over-taking, which was confirmed by a witness.

That evening, there was another frontal collision involving two vehicles in Zottegem. One of the drivers was killed.

The driver of an Audi A5 died on Sunday morning after losing control of his vehicle on the N52 at Antoing (near Tournai). The car ended up in the woods next to the expressway.

Also on Sunday, cyclists found one person dead and two others seriously injured. They were in a damaged 4×4 on the side of the road between Gembloux and Rhisnes (La Bruyère, Namur Province). We learned that one the causalities died of their injuries a few hours later.

Finally, a disabled person lost their life on the R5 between Mons and Asquillies at around 5pm on Sunday. Federal police say the victim was thrown out of a minibus when the driver lost control.

Other traffic accidents also led to casualties. A 23 year old man was seriously injured in a quad bike accident in Anderlues. The young man was injured when he was thrown from his vehicle. He suffered a serious head injury, and his life in danger. On the same day, three people travelling in a car towing a caravan were injured on the E42, near Fleurus (Namur direction).  The vehicle came off the road before zigzagging and flipping over onto its roof.

(Source: Belga)

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