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Three suicides in Tournai prison in just over a month

A prisoner in Tournai used the brief moment his cellmate was absent from their cell to kill himself. His cellmate was apparently out on the courtyard. The deceased hung himself using bedclothes at around 4pm on Sunday afternoon, the King’s Prosecutor for Tournai-Mons, Christian Henry, has said. The Prosecutor’s office has revealed no other details.

The prisoner was in the preventative detention area of the prison. It is the third suicide at the prison in five weeks. Another prisoner also hung himself early on the 14th of July. He too was in preventative detention, after assaulting his girlfriend.

A 37 year old Belgian prisoner was found dead by the guards on duty at 5am on the 23rd June. He was in the convict’s area of the prison. He had also hung himself. 

(Source: Belga)