Red alert on outgoing roads next weekend

Red alert on outgoing roads next weekend

Next weekend is rated red for holiday goers and orange on the way back on highways throughout Europe, according to Touring traffic forecasts. Congestion will once again be unavoidable, warns the mobility organisation on Monday, and they recommend Sunday departures. The best day to drive home is Friday, followed by Sunday. Touring expects traffic to be heavy on Thursday but without gridlock. Friday is rated red on outgoing roads in Germany and Switzerland. Elsewhere in Europe traffic should be very heavy but without too many queues. Saturday is to be avoided if you are setting off on holiday (red). The first traffic jams will occur very early in the morning, the worst times predicted to be between 10:00am and 3:00pm.

For motorists driving home, Friday will be fine (green). Saturday is rated orange except in Germany and Switzerland where long queues are expected. Traffic will be heavy but moving both ways on Sunday.

Lastly, Belgium will experience heavy traffic with possible traffic jams on the E40 towards the coast and on the E411 towards Luxemburg on Friday afternoon and evening and on Saturday morning. In the other direction queues are expected on Sunday evening towards the centre of the country.

(Source: Belga) 

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