More than 500,000 Belgians live abroad

Around 500,000 Belgians lived abroad in 2014. Seven Belgians in 10 living abroad last year lived in Europe, the Sudpresse papers said on Tuesday. “We think there are around 461,000 Belgian ex-pats (403,641 on consulate registers, plus 57,875 temporarily reinstated). If we include those not on the registers, there are around half a million Belgians living abroad”, a diplomat said.

More than 65% of them live in a country within the European Union. 5% live in other European countries (Switzerland, Turkey…), the same proportion as Latin America (more than half in Argentina and Brazil), Africa (South Africa, Congo and Morocco), and Asia (China, Thailand, United Arab Emirates etc…). 10% of Belgian ex-pats live in the USA.

(Source: Belga)

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