Farmers cause 30,000-euros’ damage : SPW presses charges

Farmers cause 30,000-euros’ damage : SPW presses charges

The Walloon Public Service (SPW) will initially bear the cost of repairing the damage to roads caused during the farmers’ protest last week, said Laurence Zanchetta, spokesman for Walloon roads and infrastructure, on Tuesday. It will not, however, be writing a cheque. Indeed, the SPW’s Operational Directorate for Roads has pressed charges against the farmers' federations they claim are responsible. “We have quickly set in motion a phase of road works to repair the current damage and thus keep citizens safe. The roads should be repaired next week,” explained Ms. Zanchetta.

“We are initialy bearing the cost of the repairs, but in light of the seriousness of the damage, we cannot accept responsibility. We have therefore filed a suit against the farmers’ federations but these things take time and we will be out of pocket for many months. We have adopted the same response in this case as we did when the strike action caused damage,” she added.

In the municipalities concerned, damage caused by farmers in their protest last week at Ghislenghien and Ollignies is estimated at 30,000 euros.

(Source: Belga)

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