Walloon green power support cost 525 million euros in 2014

Walloon green power support cost 525 million euros in 2014

Supporting green electricity in Wallonia cost 525 million euros in 2014, according to research by Cwape, the Walloon energy sector controller. The level of support is highest for solar energy, followed by biomass, wind energy, hydraulic power, and finally fossil-fuel cogeneration. With a total possible output of 2,000MW in place, the production sites for green electricity (124,000) have grown by 3% since the end of 2013. The photovoltaic industry was the key driver of this growth in 2014 with a large part of production coming from plants with more than 10kW capacity. Paradoxically green electricity production was 4.4% down on 2013 figures.

Nearly 50% of 2014’s green electricity was produced evenly by the biomass and fossil-fuel cogeneration sectors, wind power accounting for a further 30%, solar energy 16% and hydraulic power 6%. Of the 525 million euros allocated to green energy producers, 60% were snapped up by the solar sector, 19% to biomass, 18% to the wind energy sector, 2% to fossil-fuel cogeneration and 1% the hydraulic sector, says Cwape.

(Source: Belga)

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