Girl thrown out a window in Schaerbeek: the perpetrator’s custody extended

On Friday, the Brussels Council Chamber decided to retain a 38 year old man in custody for longer. He threw his girlfriend’s six year old daughter out of a window on the 1st of August, and threw her seven year old brother off a balustrade at their Schaerbeek home, the Brussels Prosecutor’s office has said. After an argument with his partner at their home in Schaerbeek on the 1st of August, the suspect threw his girlfriend’s six year old daughter out of a second floor dormer window: she rolled down the roof and fell onto the garden lawn. The man then left the house in response to calls from police, who had arrived at the scene. When the girl’s seven year old brother left the house, the suspect picked him up and walked up some stairs outside the house. Seeing a police officer coming towards him, he pushed the boy onto the garden from the balcony.

The girl has since been operated on, and is out of danger, while the boy’s injuries were not life-threatening. The mother had already reported the suspect to police for assault in the past. He had broken a restraining order by going to the house. Neighbours said the man still regularly went to the house, which often sparked arguments. He was also known to police for other offences.

(Source: Belga)

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