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Bus-driver finds new-born on roadside in Limbourg

This Tuesday morning, a bus driver working for De Lijn public transport found a new-born abandoned on an embankment in Kortenbos (Limbourg province). The baby was wrapped in towels and appears to have been left there by the mother shortly after she gave birth. The baby girl, who has been named Marie for now, was suffering from mild hypothermia but is now being well taken care of.

The driver immediately wrapped the new-born in his jacket and called the emergency services. No note had been left with the baby and the police have since opened an investigation.

“We are hoping the mother will come forward in the next few days and talk to us at Saint-Trond CPAS,” said alderwoman Veerle Heeren (CD&V), who thinks it was probably the mother who, in a state of desperation, left the child at the roadside.

“The baby was only a few hours old when she was found by the bus-driver. The placenta was also found nearby. Baby Marie will stay in hospital for the time being. Social services are currently discussing options for the future,” explained Raf Lippens, CEO at Saint-Troud hospital.

(Source: Belga)