IS threatens Belgium yet terrorist threat level unchanged

IS threatens Belgium yet terrorist threat level unchanged

The terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) has once again threatened to attack Belgium. A video of 20-year-old Antwerp resident Abdellah Nouamane, a member ofShariah4Belgium shows him claiming, from a location in Syria, that “libraries, schools, hospitals, high streets and night clubs” are all potential targets, reported newspapers Het Laatste Nieuws and La Dernière Heure on Thursday.

A spokesman for the Home Office’s Crisis Centre said that “Any claims of this type are taken very seriously. Our analysis of this and other recent messages, however, has enabled us to conclude that there is no reason to heighten the terrorist threat level at this time. This message is part of a more global strategy and does not require the threat level to be raised.”

The spokesman added that “Most terrorist threats don’t get as far as the press,” but did not comment further on how often Belgium gets messages of this type. Since the terrorist threat level has not been raised, no military presence has been requested on the sites mentioned in the video.

(Source: Belga)  

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