France: A Belgian attacker killed, accidently, by his victim’s neighbour

A French man in Châtellerault, in the centre of France, went to the aid of a neighbour who was calling for help late on Saturday. He chased after the Belgian attacker with a knife, and accidently killed him by stabbing him, the Poitiers Prosecutor said on Monday.

During a press conference, Prosecutor Nicolas Jacquet said the French man would not be incarcerated or investigated. He is a normal family man in his forties with no criminal record. He immediately rushed to help his neighbour when he heard his calls.

“He said he stabbed the attacker accidentally while he was trying to stop him fleeing by climbing over a low wall. He had just found his neighbour lying injured on the floor. This is a man who had the courage to intervene during an attack in a home”, said Mr Jacquet.

The case is going to court as voluntary violence with a weapon leading to manslaughter.

The deceased attacker was a 58 year old former Belgian soldier, who also had no criminal record. He had been living in a commune near Châtellerault for the last few years.

The Belgian was wearing gloves and armed with an iron bar, which he used to hit his victim over the head. His victim was still in hospital on Monday.

When questioned by investigators, the 63 year old victim told Gendarmes he didn’t know his Belgian attacker. Nothing was stolen from the house.

A second case for violence with a weapon has been opened. 

(Source: Belga)

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