The Finance SPF continues selling seized goods on eBay

The Finance SPF continues selling seized goods on eBay

The Finance SPF is continuing to sell seized goods on the popular auction site eBay. The project was started at the beginning of the year, with positive results, its spokesman says. There was a test period, during which goods were generally sold at a low price. The public service will sell watches for the first time this autumn.

The Finance SPF can sell seized objects to help pay back a debt. It can also sell objects used to commit a crime, items passed down with no heir, items never claimed from the post office, or items abandoned on public transport. The State can also sell off vehicles and office equipment it no longer needs.

Up until last year, the administration used three different sales channels: public auctions, Fin Shop in Haren and the Fin Shop internet shop.

At the start of the year, the Finance SPF decided to create an online shop on eBay, to reach a wider public. The project will continue, as it has been a big success.

“The amount of items on offer is still very limited, as we haven’t sorted out a certain number of things, especially accountancy”, says Francis Adyns, the Finance SPF spokesman. “We have sold suitcases, expresso machines, old chairs, miniature vehicles, books, comic books, a barbecue, trainers, football gloves and cyclist vests. During the autumn, we will put a series of brand watches on eBay, including Rodania, Festina, and Citizen, before a second more luxurious series including brands such as Rolex and Cartier”.

(Source: Belga)

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