Migrant crisis – Bertrix will not house 400 immigrants in a campsite

Migrant crisis – Bertrix will not house 400 immigrants in a campsite

Around 400 refugees will not be housed in a Bertrix campsite (Luxemburg province), contrary to what the mayor Michael Hardy announced at the Communal council on Thursday evening. The management of the “Ardennen campsite” said they wouldn’t house them on Thursday.

A misunderstanding was behind the announcement. “I was told this morning that the campsite management said no, there was a communication problem between Theo Francken’s cabinet and Fedasil”, the Bertrix mayor said.

After the State Secretary for Asylum’s cabinet told him his commune would house around 400 refugees in a campsite on Wednesday, from the start of November to the end of February (in a bungalow or modules), the Bertrix mayor spoke to Fedasil himself. He made sure that the decision was official, and made reserves. He added Bertrix was already housing 350 foreigners and that the Herbeumont refugee centre in the neighbouring commune was already housing 500 people.

“From first contact, I informed them the Bertrix campsites will be shut in the winter. We have snow, and the conditions won’t be right”, said Mr Hardy. A global communication on housing refugees should be dispatched  by the Federal minister’s council on Friday.

(Source: Belga)

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