The R committee is temporarily unavailable, hackers claim responsibility

The hacker group DownSec claimed responsibility for an attack on the R committee website on Sunday afternoon. Committee R is the permanent committee that checks intelligence and security services. They aimed to warn the Michel government.

According to the RTBF, the website remained down for more than one and half hours. The CERT, the federation emergency IT security intervention team, said they didn’t yet know why was unavailable, the public service says.  Verifications are underway.

In a Tweet about the attack, hackers warned the Charles Michel government: “we won’t give up”.

The R committee site was back up a little before 5.30.

The DownSec group said “they are defending the people against the corrupt government that are dragging the country into total misery”. It had already claimed responsibility for an attack on the site on Wednesday 4th of November. These attacks consist of bombarding the networks with requests to stop it working. The Wallonia Public Service (SPW), which manages the site, confirmed the attack and said it would be a few hours before it all returned to normal.   

(Source: Belga)

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