“Yellow points” for cyclists will be put in place in Wallonia in 2016

“Yellow points” for cyclists will be put in place in Wallonia in 2016

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s “Cycling Plan”, presented at Marche-en-Famenne on Saturday, will cover all cycling, announced Sports Minister René Collin. Aside from the sports development axis, he also wants to promote “cycling for all” more globally.

The “Cycling Plan” aims to promote “cycling for all”, alongside the development of competition sport, training as much as high level performance and the organisation of events.

2016 will have the theme “Wallonia on its bike”. From March 2016, a similar plan to the “ADPES green points” for walking and running will be launched for cycling, in the form of “yellow points”.

“Our two partners for this project will be the French-language Belgian Cyclo-tourism Federation (FFCBC) and the Cycling for all department of the Wallonia-Brussels Cycling Federation (FCBW)”, said René Collins. “Cycling is a source of synergy between tourism, sport, which are my specialties, and health and mobility. I hope that other policies will complement it”.

An appeal will be launched at schools, sports clubs, communes and local sports centres so they will be able to create a shelter for at least 15 bikes.

(Source: Belga)

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