Attacks in Paris: "Salah Abdeslam said his brother had blown himself up"

Attacks in Paris: "Salah Abdeslam said his brother had blown himself up"

Salah Abdeslam told a man who drove him around in Brussels the day after the attacks in Paris, Saturday, November 14 in the afternoon, that his brother Brahim had blown himself up. Mr Olivier Martins, lawyer of Ali Oulkadi - Salah’s conveyor - said on Friday that Abdeslam has however revealed nothing about his own involvement in the facts.

Oulkadi appeared together with another man, Abdeilah Chouaa, before the Brussels Council Chamber on Friday. The role of the latter is not yet known and his lawyer hasn’t made any statement so far.

According to Mr Martins, his client received a call on Saturday around 1pm to pick up a friend at the metro station Bockstael, in Laken. "He did not know it was Salah and did not recognize him immediately because he was wearing a hat. In the car, Salah told him that his brother Brahim had killed people in Paris and had blown himself up. My client, who is a childhood friend of the two brothers, was in shock. He was confused and did not understand", Mr Martins declared. "Salah asked him to bring him to Schaerbeek and my client complied. They stopped on the way in a café."

The lawyer insisted on the fact that his client is in no way involved in the preparation or execution of the attacks in Paris. "He was in Brussels on Friday evening, November 13, has no criminal record and is absolutely not radicalized. When he heard that Salah was wanted, he should have turned himself in and told the truth, but he was scared and was ill-advised at the time. "The Council Chamber will decide on Friday if the two men remain incarcerated. 

(Source: Belga)

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