A man arrested after driving at more than 250km/h on the E17, in a stolen car

A 20 year old man was arrested and sent before an Audenarde investigating judge on Sunday. He had been driving down the E17 between Courtrai and St-Nicolas at more than 250 km/h, in a stolen car. The crazy ride ended in a ditch on the N41 in Tamise.

The young Frenchman had stolen a Mercedes GLA from a house in Lille. “A witness to the theft started following him from Lille”, explained Caroline Jonckers from the Eastern Flanders Prosecutor’s office. “Once in Belgium, the traffic police started chasing him. He drove in an absolutely terrifying way, at 250 km/h between Courtrai and Saint-Nicolas”.

The driver left the E17 at Saint-Nicolas and headed towards Tamise. “He lost control of the car, and ended up in a ditch. He then fled on foot. He was arrested on the E17, where he was spotted walking towards Courtrai”.

The young man was arrested for obstructing traffic. The theft will be dealt with in France.

(Source: Belga)

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