Pedestrian knocked over by train in Flémalle interrupts train traffic on the Walloon Railway Backbone

An individual died on Sunday evening on a level crossing at the village of Chokier within the municipality of Flémalle (in the Liège province) a spokesperson from Infrabel told the press agency Belga. The accident took place shortly before 7.00pm on a level crossing near Rue de Fexhe. The individual who, doubtless, would have gone under the barriers, was knocked down by a train completing the journey between Liers and Mouscron, on the so-called Walloon Railway Backbone (route 125). The victim died.

Train traffic was interrupted in both directions for at least two hours. Shuttle buses were put in place for passengers travelling between the Flémalle-Haute and Huy stations.

According to the last available statistics, eleven people died in Belgium in 2014 having accidentally been knocked over by a train, Infrabel stated.

(Source: Belga)

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