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Rain – Several areas still on high alert in Flanders

Several areas in Flanders were still on high alert on Saturday morning. There was still a risk of flooding, according to the Flemish Environmental Society (Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij).

There was still a worrying situation in Londerzeel (Molenbeek), Maldegem (Ede), Holsbeek/Rotselaar (Winge), Aartselaar/Kontich (Benedenvliet), Bazel (Barbierbeek) and Grammont (Molenbeek).

“Roads were flooded in several areas in Flanders, and the water will take a while to drain away”, said a spokesman from the VMM. There will be very little rain over the next few hours.

During the morning, train traffic was slightly disrupted in the North, on the Antwerp-Brussels line, due to flooding between Kontich and Malines.

(Source: Belga)