Belgians’ gloom

Belgians’ gloom

A gloomy start to 2016 for the majority of Belgians. The Le Soir, HLN, VTM et RTL-TVI barometer opinion poll, conducted with 2,614 individuals, indicates that only 14% of respondents think that employment will increase this year. This pessimism is equally endemic for security and the asylum crisis, several media are reporting on Wednesday.

Thus nearly three out of four Belgians (73%) think that the country will be the target of a terrorist attack this year. Yet only 30% have changed their behaviour because of the terrorist threat. Nearly six out of ten of those polled consider however that the Michel government has properly assessed the threat.

Another area of concern is the asylum crisis. 66% of those polled think that Belgium is letting in too many migrants; this figure was at 55% three months ago.

There is one notable oasis of optimism in this ocean of misery: two-thirds of those questioned (67%) believe that Belgium has a future.

(Source: Belga)

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