Jette: love letters to inform people about the situation for unregistered couples

For Saint Valentine’s Day, public writers for Presence and Cultural Action, a permanent educational movement, offered to write love letters for passers-by in Jette on Sunday. It aimed to support “In love, here are your papers’, a support network for victims of immigration policies. They criticise the “administration’s suspicion and interference when an unregistered person says they want to get married or live with their partner”.

The public writers went to the market on Cardinal Mercier square in Jette, where they offered to write love letters for passers-by. They wrote around 20 letters.

According to Lucrèce Monneret, the coordinator for the network of Brussels public writers, the aim is to show how necessary the job of public writer is, especially in this digital age. It also wants to show people the difficulties unregistered people face during administrative procedures when they want to get married or live with their partner.

“We want to show that love is not free for everybody. Every day, unregistered couples that want to get married or live together cannot fulfil their dream, as they are suspected of faking their relationship. To remind people of this reality, there will be a flash mob depicting a marriage between unregistered people. The marriage is interrupted by police asking intrusive questions to determine whether they are really a couple”, she said.

(Source: Belga)

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