Increase in football match incidents

Increase in football match incidents
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The number of professional football match incidents increased for the third consecutive year, emerges from figures compiled by the unit specialising in football within the Interior Ministry.
In 2015, 1,478 police reports for football law-based offences were produced.

The law applies to all matches in the top three national divisions.

Last year, 1,169 stadium bans were imposed, of which 1,119 included a fine. 43 people reported were also stung for a fine. Following offences, in total 9,634 months of stadium ban were imposed and 495,425 euros charged.

In 2014, 993 stadium bans and a total of 437,850 euros were registered. The number of incidents had not been as high as the 2015 level since 2007 (when 1,736 incidents were recorded).

The football unit considers that this increase in incidents is not, however, a reflection of “a return to hooliganism”, but rather the systematic implementing of a zero tolerance policy.

(Source: Belga)

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