Highway code: reduced penalties if pending fines paid

The Finance Minister, Johan Van Overtveldt, and the Justice Minister, Koen Geens, would like perpetrators of highway code offences to only be able to exercise their rights to reduced penalties, provided that they have discharged all pending fines.
So we read in De Morgen on Wednesday. Both ministers thus intend to expand upon the current system implemented by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Furnes.

However, the system operating in West Flanders is not always bearing fruit as judges do not automatically have access to the tax status of offenders. Consequently, both ministers have decided to join forces. They intend to allow judges automatic access to the tax database so that they may flush out unpaid debts. There are still some details to finalise. Thus, for example, it would not be practical for all prosecutors to have automatic access to the tax database, which would risk overloading the I.T. system for this database.


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