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A report shows how snowed under police are

The organisations that control the police and intelligence services and P and R committees have published a report. It details how the federal police’s central anti-terrorist unit struggles when dealing with information. This is due to lack of means, le Tijd wrote on Saturday.

The ‘Terro’ unit can no longer filter information received from the country’s police services, which is its main job. It has ‘limited capacity’ and can no longer cope.

As a consequence, OCAM (Organ for Coordination of Threat Analysis), which decides the threat level in the country, is ‘inundated’ with information from police services.  The ‘Terro’ unit sends the mass of information straight to OCAM, without ‘being able to properly file it, follow it up, or verify it’.

Because to this, OCAM has to ask security services for extra information itself, so ‘it can verify the credibility of the information’.

(Source: Belga)