Budget check – “A balanced agreement that focuses on employment” says the RM

Budget check – “A balanced agreement that focuses on employment” says the RM

On Saturday, the Reformist Movement said it was satisfied with the budget adjustment agreement that has been voted in.

“The coalition, led by Charles Michel, is continuing towards its goal of balancing the books in 2018, while respecting its European budget obligations. The work done so far has been meticulous and efficient, despite difficult conditions following the attacks in Brussels on the 22nd of March”, its President Olivier Chastel said in a press release. The party said the agreement talked about its “highest priorities”, like supporting economic development to save jobs and create new ones. “The government is staying on track with the goals laid out in the lead up to the tax shift, which will increase worker’s buying power and contribute to creating new jobs”.  

Oliver Chastel is also happy that the government “is not making economic players (businesses, SMEs, freelancers) pay the new tax, and that it is stepping up the fight against tax fraud. This includes setting up a task force”. The RM also complimented the “modernisation” of worker’s rights through the creation of “more flexible opportunities for businesses and a focus on work for workers”. “This reform will focus on the job market and the economic and familial reality of the 21st century. It will make employment more dynamic”, said the RM President.

(Source: Belga)

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