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“I could have used better words” (Jan Jambon)

“I could have used better words” admits Jan Jambon, the Home Affairs Minister (New Flemish Alliance). In Saturday’s Sudpresse, he referred to his statement that a “large part” of the Muslim community “danced” when the attacks were announced.

“I won’t take back anything I said or did. At least as far as the message behind it goes… As to the form it took, I agree I could have been more careful with the comparison”, the vice-prime minister said.

“We should pay more attention to young people showing support for terrorists. We have to win them back” he added. He said that fewer young people had left for Syria over the last few months. He said 268 are in Syria or presumed dead, 4 are on route, 69 tried to go there, and 117 came back.

The Minister also spoke about his popularity in Wallonia, saying it was “incredible”, and “99.9% were messages of support” from French-speaking people.

(Source: Belga)