Speedometer fraud almost entirely vanished in Belgium

Speedometer fraud almost entirely vanished in Belgium

Speedometer fraud, except for the import-export trade, has almost entirely vanished in Belgium. In 2015, Car-Pass only recorded 1,197 speedometer fraud cases, for which the speedometer was lowered by an average of 70,460 km. This emerges from the annual report which was published on Tuesday by the non-profit association. Since the end of 2006, it has ensured consumer protection for used vehicles, thanks to the speedometer certificate (operated by Car-Pass). In 2014, the association recorded 1,239 speedometer fraud cases.

In 2015, Car-Pass recorded no less than 14.81 million odometer readings, produced by 11,124 businesses and organisations. “In respect of, for example, a 2005 Mercedes C 220 CDI, there was a serious level of fraud, with the speedometer being rolled back by 400,000 km,” Car-Pass indicated in a communiqué.

“Fortunately, these few cases were entirely the exception rather than the rule, and it is worth pointing out that fraud has inevitably happened with the Car-Pass system. (...) The Belgian consumer is no longer worried about checking the accuracy of the odometer reading when buying second hand,” the association states. The average second hand or commercial car is, at the time of the issue of the Car-Pass, eight years and 4.6 months old with 116,971 on the clock.

Having a market share of 12.1%, Volkswagen is the brand for which greatest number of Car-Pass certificates were printed, just ahead of Opel (with 9 %) and Peugeot (with 8,1%). The Car-Pass association is an initiative which was launched by Febiac, Goca and Traxio collaborating with the FPS Economy (data collection/advice for employed/self-employed) the FPS Mobility and Transport (transport assistance/data), with support from Touring and VAB (fleet services).

(Source: Belga)

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