A second police car set on fire in Molenbeek on Friday night

A second police car set on fire in Molenbeek on Friday night

A second police car was set on fire in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean on Friday night, several papers reported on Saturday morning. This was confirmed by Johan Berckmans, the spokesman for West Brussels police. He added that an 18 year old suspect will appear before the Prosecutor’s office sometime this morning.

Police received a call about a car on fire in avenue Roovere at around quarter past midnight. A patrol discovered it was a Peugeot 807 that belonged to the Young defender’s department. It was parked in the street in front the station. The fire department managed to put the fire out, but the vehicle was severely damaged.  It is thought to have been set on fire deliberately. The Prosecutor’s office also went to the scene.

A father living near avenue de Roovere called an ambulance for his son later that night. The young man’s hands were badly burned. The person who took the call suspected a link between the fire and the individual’s injuries, and alerted police. The young man had already been to the Sainte-Anne hospital in Antwerp with a friend. Doctors there advised him to go to the burns unit at the Neder-Over-Heembeek military hospital.

However, he returned home, where his father called him an ambulance. The young man told several different stories to explain his injuries. Police found this suspicious, so he was taken for questioning. The investigation is ongoing, through house to house inquiries and CCTV footage. Police are looking for a link between this incident and an arson attack on another police car in rue Quatre Vents at 7pm on Friday.  

(Source: Belga) 

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