Shortage of space in future to dump nuclear waste

Shortage of space in future to dump nuclear waste
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The storage capacity intended for nuclear waste will prove to be insufficient between now and 2025. This emerges from a parliamentary question raised by the Ecolo-Groen grouping (respectively the Francophone and Flemish Green parties) to the Federal Minister for Energy, Marie-Christine Marghem.

New sites should be put in place between now and the beginning of the next decade. Both L’Avenir and the Mediahuis publications are reporting this on Monday.

At the end of 2014, some 3,260 tonnes of waste were discharged at the Doel and Tihange sites. At least 370 tonnes are likely to be added to this between now and 2025. “Belgium should further set its waste storage strategy for long-life waste in stone,” the Minister stipulated in her response.

The Ecolo-Groen grouping is furious at this absence of a concrete Government policy on such waste management.

The deputy Jean-Marc Nollet wonders, “For how many years, beyond 2025 (the anticipated date for the country’s move away from nuclear, editor’s note), will these quantities of uranium remain on these sites?”

(Source: Belga)

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