Month of June never been such a drencher

Month of June never been such a drencher
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This year, June was exceptionally humid with a record amount of precipitation (174.6 mm compared to the June average of 71.8 mm) since records began in Uccle in 1833. This emerges from the most recent monthly climate report by the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI). The number of days with thunderstorms was equally abnormally high, with 20 days recorded in June this year, compared to the seasonal average of 12.7 in previous years. The hours of sunshine were unusually low for the time of year.

“In Uccle, we recorded 174.6 mm of precipitation, which is an exceptionally high quantity,” the IRM indicated today (Friday). This amount is clearly well above the previous record for the period 1981-2016.

The Institute continues, “In 2012, we only recorded 133.1 mm  in Uccle. All records over the period 1833 to 2016 have also been broken, since only in 1839 did we record 173.7 mm in Uccle.”

Rainfall was recorded for 24 days of the month, an abnormally high amount as the seasonal norm is around 15 days of rain. The largest amounts fell in Campine Limbourgeoise.

The number of days of thunderstorms were equally abnormally high. “We saw 20 days of thunderstorms this June, compared to the seasonal average of 12.7. These occurred from the 1st to 8th, from the 11th to 16th, the 18th and the 22nd to 26th.”

Five days of hail were also seen in the month. Hours of sunshine were abnormally low. “In Uccle, the sunshine, [‘…after the rain(!)’] was only 116 hours and 16 minutes compared to the June average of 188 hours and 5 minutes,” stressed the RMI.

On the other hand, temperatures were around seasonal norms. The average temperature this June reached 16°C in Uccle, compared to 16.2°C for the seasonal norm.

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