Only 3.6% of asylum seekers have found work

Only a very small number of the migrants that have come to Belgium have found a job. This was reported by the De Morgen and Het Laatste Niews on Saturday. Just 54% of the migrants housed in the Fedasil centre can work. Out of the 3,056 who can work, 111 have found a job (3.6%).

Fedasil has recently been given access to the Social Security Banque Carrefour database. This means it can now check which asylum seekers are getting a salary.  Asylum seekers can work as long as they are at least 18 years old and have spent a minimum of four months in a welcome centre.

“We are working with Fedasil to explore how they can play a bigger role in motivating and steering people towards the job market”, says State Secretary Theo Francken’s cabinet (New Flemish Alliance). “There is now a work group there. For the first few months, Fedasil has to be the first step to asylum seekers finding employment. They have to draw up profiles and steer asylum seekers towards partners such as the VDAM”.

(Source: Belga)

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