Close to one in five Belgians worried about their safety

Close to one in five Belgians worried about their safety

Eighteen percent (18%) of Belgians are worried about their personal security, according to an online survey conducted by the market information firm, GfK, among more than 25,000 persons in 21 countries. However, from an international perspective, the concern among Belgians was relatively limited.
Close to 18% of Belgian men and 17% of women said they were concerned about their personal safety and security. Adolescents (24%), people in their 30s (22%) and seniors, people over the age of 60, (22%) were the groups that were most concerned.

Countries that feel safest are Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany. Only 9% of Dutch respondents, for example, said they felt unsafe. At the other end of the scale, 64% of Brazilians and 54% of respondents in Turkey were worried for their safety, followed by Mexico (48%), Argentina (43%) and Russia (42%). GfK attributes the high percentages in Latin America and Russia by the high level of violent crimes. In Turkey, on the other hand, the results indicate a fear of terrorist attacks.   

Globally, close to a third of respondents indicated that they were constantly worried about their safety, while only 10% said they were not. Women (34%) tended to be more concerned than men (30%). Age had little impact on the results.
(Source: Belga)

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